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Society icon deepens the collaboration with Together for Better 

Ebba Lövenskiold Society Icon Teacher and School Students Together For Better

Ebba Lövenskiold at one of the schools in the Dominican Republic.

In 2018 we started our collaboration with the organization Together for Better, and in 2021 we are happy to announce that we will deepen that partnership – this means that we will also give both our icons and partners the possibility to contribute and support their incredibly important work, in different ways.

We met with Ebba Lövenskiold, the founder of Together for Better, and talked about her incredible work and story, and what they are facing now as a result of the pandemic.

After the terrible and disastrous earth quake in Haiti in 2010 many families left Haiti in search for a better life across the border in the Dominican Republic. But often, it was a harsh reality that met them there too.

Since the start in 2013, Together for Better has touched the lives of close to one thousand underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic through, for example, constructions of three school buildings, two playgrounds, a mini-library and yearly donations towards school supplies for 300-400 students annually. 


No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

Hi Ebba, first of all, thank you for your tireless and so important work! 
For those who are not aware of Together for Better, how would you describe your work and goal?


The core of our business is "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something". Together for Better is about coming together, to create positive change.


We help schools in vulnerable areas of the Dominican Republic. All schools have one thing in common:

They are run by strong women, local heroes who have taken on the responsibility of starting schools to ensure that children in their area have access to education. Our job is to support them in that work. The goal in general is to build the schools strong and give them the right conditions to one day manage without us.

Born out of gratitude

What made you start Together for Better?


Eleven years ago, I was on vacation on a paradise beach in the Dominican Republic. At the same time, on the other side of the island, one of the worst humanitarian natural disasters of modern times occurred - the earthquake in Haiti, in which over a hundred thousand people died and millions had their lives destroyed. 

On my side of the island, we sat up all night and followed the news. A tsunami alert had been issued for our area, and no one knew if there would be more earthquakes. It was a shocking experience to sit there, on this little island on the other side of the world, so far away from everything I called home, and know that thousands and thousands of people were buried in landslides just a few hours away. 

On the way home to New York, I felt a huge gratitude, and out of that, Together for Better was born.

Poverty is rising dramatically right now

What are your biggest challenges right now?


Right now it is a challenge since we’re not able to travel to the Dominican Republic and visit the projects. Never before have we had two parallel buildings being built without me being there. It is also a challenge to get well needed funding at a time when so many people around the world need help.


How has Covid-19 affected your work?


Prices for building materials, for example, have risen as a result of the pandemic, which has affected several of our projects, and it is difficult to work in a country that is closed down. But we have made the best of the situation and pushed forward. Instead of push ’pause’, we have used the fact that the schools are empty to expand them and to make them more stable after the pandemic.


The children have not been allowed to be in school but have instead submitted homework every week, in the areas where we operate, there are no computers. Poverty is rising dramatically right now, unemployment is sky high in this country run by tourism. This means a number of risks - such as forcing girls from vulnerable families out of school prematurely and instead into child marriage.


What does 2021 look like for you?


We intend to continue to build through this pandemic! First, we will finish building a small library at one of the schools. Then we hope to get funds to hurricane-proof another - that has been a long time vision, we are ready now and hope to be able to take the step!

Dependent on support from companies and individuals

How can I as an individual or a company help and support you in your important work?


You can send money through Swish (Sweden), make a deposit, become a collector for education, or just follow us on social media! 


Companies are welcome to contact us for more information. Our work is completely dependent on monetary support from companies and individuals. 

(see more info on how to help on https://www.togetherforbetter.se)


Finally, what are you most looking forward to right now?


I have worked close to the schools, followed the children, got to know them and the teachers for many years now. 2020 forced us all to slow down and make our world smaller. 

I look forward to the day I stand in the schoolyard again!

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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

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