TikTok and Instagram Fastest Growing Social Apps Last Year

New year, new insights, and new visions. Social media is more than just travel, dishes, a person who has their own account for their dog or parrot.


One thing that makes one drop the chin is that according to Influencer Marketing Hub is that “There were 4.48 billion active social media users in July 2021, 56.8% of the world’s population. Social users grew by 13.1% in the year ending July 2021, undoubtedly influenced by the effects of Covid and enforced lockdowns across the globe. ”


A huge number considering that if you even try to visualize in front of you about how many people there are and what it will mean for the future is something you can think about while reading the article.


Apps and websites with the highest usage are:


- Social networks 95.7%


- Chat or messaging platforms 95.2%


- Search engines or web portals 84.1%


- Shopping, auctions, or classifieds 59.7%


- Maps, parking, or location-based services 54.4%


Of these, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Amazon, and Twitter are ranked at the top of the list.


However, the fastest-growing Q2 2021 are TikTok and Instagram and they are guaranteed to live within 2022 now that Social media is becoming more common in society within individuals and companies. The inspiration is everywhere and it does not usually have to be that you want to see what your loved ones do, but they are also used as a search engine to find out places, restaurants, experiences, news or recipes.


It will be exciting to see what figure 2022 gives us. This is only the beginning. But we say that every year, don’t we?

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