The creative superstars of TikTok

Since early 2020 we added TikTok to our platform.

Since then we have built up a community of some of the greatest TikTok creators in the Nordics, and excecuted numerous campaigns with a big variety of brands in different segments and industries - all with some fantastic content, engagement and results.

The potential and effect of activating TikTok creators based on their interest in you as a brand is gigantic!

"TikTok is the latest network to take off, and right now is the moment for your brand to make an impact on the platform."

- Corbett Drummey, Forbes

Interested to learn more on how you as a brand can use TikTok in an efficient, credible and brand safe way?
Reach out to our Head of TikTok, Liam Kalevi -

Below is a message from Liam - Hear his incredible story as a TikTok creator himself, and learn more about how we work with the platform.

"In only one month my follower count grew by 100.000 and the same month I had 15 million combined views."

- Liam Kalevi

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