The Process

We believe in authentic content, created by the brand’s loyal ambassadors.


You can simply put our mission in one short sentence; to identify your ambassadors.


This means that you are able to work with the people who are already fans of your brand. Let me quickly go through our way of influencer marketing, because the way we work is based on community — not marketing. Engagement, not reach.















First of all, forget everything you think you know about influencer marketing. It’s not about selling a campaign concept to a person with 1 million followers. It’s about targeting those who already shop at your store. It’s not about reaching everyone in your city, it’s about reaching the right people in your city.


Now that we’ve established that;


Step no. 1 is to recruit (via social media) your own fans and consumers to your unique community in the Society icon app. Here, everyone can apply to available campaigns.


Step no. 2 is creating a compelling brief. By that, I mean describing the concept of the campaign.


Step no. 3 is to approve the icons you want to work with for this campaign. The brief you publish is visible in our app for the icons.


Out of a genuine interest in your brand, the right people will apply to be a part of the campaign.


Step no. 4 is to approve the drafts they send over, in order to make sure the right photo, video and caption is posted.













When the content is posted you can follow the results live — both on an individual level and for the campaign as a whole.


Oh, and did I mention that you can manage all this through our stunning platform?

Also, there’s really no limit as to how many icons you are able to work with for each campaign — since it’s all done without difficult conversations with each and everyone. That’s the beauty of tech.


We believe that the creative person is the future media landscape.


Everyone’s influence counts.


/Society icon


Let's talk!

Let us improve your marketing and brand loyalty! Turn your consumers and fans into your extended marketing department, build a brand community, do cost and time efficient campaigns - Everyone's influence counts.

Direct Clients

Alexander Kloow, Sales Director 

Former sales at Schibsted. 8+ years of experience in the media industry.

+4670-930 14 38

Media Agency

Marcus Börjel, Head of Media Agencies 

4+ years in MarTech and business development

+4670-499 54 11

ICON Events

Merelle Yakoub, Partner & Head of Events 

5+ years of experience in creative sales and events.

+4670-044 16 25

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