What is an icon?

An icon is what we call an influencer, it also includes so called micro-influencers. That means, wether you are big on social media or not - you are an icon. 

As an icon you have the opportunity to work with your favorite brands. 

How does it work?

Simply download the Society icon app on App Store or Google Play and sign up. In the app you can see all the campaigns that are live at the moment. As an icon, you can apply to start a collaboration with the brands that you love, by pressing the button “Apply to brand”. 

Do I get paid?

Of course you get paid, in your profile page you can see how much your social media account is worth - your social media value. 

receiving products?

As an icon you can either get rewarded with money, or receive products as a payment. We handle all the admin and taxes around money reward but when you receive a product you are responsible to declare the value of that product. 

How do I use my other Instagram account?

If you have several Instagram accounts and by accident connected the wrong account, just write to us and we will help you switch.

How long does it take to get approved?

Usually it takes no longer than three days for the brand to reply.

When they do, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on the 25th, the month after you’ve completed a campaign.

For example, if you’ve done a campaign on January 15th, you’ll get your reward on February 25th. The money appears directly on your bank account.

What is a community?

A community is a brand’s way of inviting you to their world.

By joining a community you’ll get full access to all their campaigns that are live at the moment and their future campaigns.

Why do I register my bank account?

We collect your bank account number in order to reward you for your work, like any other working space. In order to share a campaign you’re gonna have to fill in your bank account number, so you can get paid.

Why do I have to register my social security number?

We collect your social security number in order to follow all the rules and regulations regarding a payout. For us to pay you your reward after a campaign, we need your social security number.

I can’t find any campaigns?

If you can’t find any campaigns in app, it probably means you haven't entered any community. To enter a community, simply scroll to the bottom of the campaign page and type the community code you want to join.