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Transform your audience/customers/fans/followers to your extended marketing department by inviting them to your own Brand Community of icons. By doing so you can both build long term loyalty with your own fans by giving them exclusive content and offers and let them co-create your brand in social campaigns.

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made easy

Thanks to our unique technology and model the campaign process for both brands and icons are super easy and efficient. With only 3 steps you as a brand can activate any number of icons you choose without having any conversation or negotiations.


The average engagement rate for influencers with over 100.000 followers


Average engagement for Society Icon influencers 

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"By letting our consumers be a part of and create our campaigns we get even closer to the people that already use and love Klarna’s services."


Christian Cabau, Marketing Director, Klarna Bank


"Society icon has created a brand new way for us to let our fans be a part of our artist campaigns. It becomes such an honest way for us to talk to the right target group and an efficient way to do both smaller and bigger campaigns. To put it simply - a smarter solution!"

Anna-Clara Olofsson, Marketing & PR Manager, Live Nation


"Society icon offers a unique opportunity for us to invite our own readers to both strengthen the relationship between us, and at the same time offer our clients and partners new opportunities to create content and campaigns together with our readers, in a brand new way."

Frederik Ohl, Sales Director, Benjamin Media

Simplified campaign process.


1) Upload campaign brief

2) Choose icons based on applications

3) Approve content from chosen icons

Follow campaign results live
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Let us improve your marketing and brand loyalty! Turn your consumers and fans into your extended marketing department, build a brand community, do cost and time efficient campaigns - Everyone's influence counts.

Direct clients

Alexander Kloow, Sales Director 

Former sales at Schibsted. 8+ years of experience in the media industry.

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