Better Safe Than Vice Versa

Today, influence is a much more common way of knowing oneself than it was before.

The internet, for example. There are blogs, vlogs, apps, article websites, forums, websites. The list is long. We should be grateful that we have so many more tools than we used to have.


Back in the day you had to knock on someone’s door, introduce yourself and hope that you made a good first impression. In other cases, an aunt’s husband suggested a job opportunity that was in line with what you thought.


Today, it is different. Very different.


Thanks to social media, information spreads like wildfire — faster than you can imagine. You can basically do whatever you want and what you feel for and inspire people from all sides. And get food on the table thanks to it.


Companies and services recognize themselves in what you do and are more than happy to give you a ride so that you can do what you love. Today, there are millions of companies that all have their unique style and value. And it can actually align with you.


Because you are also a brand.


Do you like construction, yes — then there is a company that is more than happy to help you thanks to their products. Do you like to handle meat, yes — then there is a company that wants to help you.


So with that said, it’s probably safer to go on your gut feeling and what things you like and go wholeheartedly into it. Because there is nothing more difficult than nestling yourself in something you feel uncomfortable in. Then the concept “To be happy” disappears in the cornerstone of life.


Better safe than vice versa. As Bobby McFerrin would’ve said: Don’t Worry Be Happy.

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5+ years of experience in creative sales and events.

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